Adventures in Kesloden

The Adventure Begins!

The party of adventurers find themselves in the upper reaches of the endless forests of the north. Travelling through Grayson’s Bog, they reached the last major settlement before the true uncharted wilderness begins, Hide’s End. As they entered the small, but prosperous town of Hide’s End they were greeted with a grizzly scene of violence and death. The guards on the southern gate of the town had been slain while fleeing for their lives. On high alert they crept through the settlement, drawn towards the town square by rough voices raised in anger. The teams resident linguist Niwa understood the language to be Orcish. reaching the square they were greeted with a pitiful scene of beaten and humiliated Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Elves digging a large ditch under the hateful supervision of a malicious and cruel and Orc. Alfonso, the leader of this group, decided to give the Orcs one chance to live. “surrender and lay down your weapons, and you may let live, fiend. Stand against us and there shall be no mercy.” Laughing a cruel and delighted laugh, the Orc yelled for the attack and the Orcs fell into the assault, screaming and brandishing their cruelly barbed spears and axes. Quickly, Tyrndamere dispatched the bulk of the oncoming Orcs with casual ease, their untrained assault falling harmlessly against his mighty assault. A mighty Wooly Rhinocerous, the lead Orc’s trained animal, charged, bawling over Tyrndamere on his way to Alfonso nearly unseating him from his mighty War Camel. With a wave of her hand, Content Not Found: ruth paralyzed the mighty beast. Alfonso charged the rhinocerous’s trainer, obliterating him in a single blow. After that Content Not Found: Braxton finished the stunned beast, putting it out of it’s misery. The terrible Orcs and their mighty beast defeated, the heroes freed the poor townsmen, who confirmed the adventurers worst fears. The Orcs had assaulted the town, killing many and taking dozens of young men and women from the town to be slaves in an Orc encampment. Mayor Jaramiah begged the heroes to go after those already captured. To slay the Orcs and bring the innocent townspeople home. The adventurers demanded payment for their services, and Mayor Jaramiah promised to give them all the treasure his grandfather had accumulated as an adventurer in his younger days. The heroes agreed and went on their way. Mayor Jaramiah explained that the Orcs had left in four different wagons, leaving as they were filled, the first heading out two days since, the last having left barely four hours ago. If they were to catch all four before they reached their destination, they would have to hurry. They set out immediately and within two hours had caught up to the first cart. The Orcs were lead by a menacing Warrior, wielding a giant twohanded sword and a giant bear at his side. Alfonso was hemmed in by his allies, unable to engage the foe, and was forced to watch helplessly as the powerful Orc and savage bear mauled Content Not Found: Braxton and Niwa respectively. After many seconds of planning, Alfonso was able to engage the foe, and made short work of the Orc, while Tyrndamere fought the bear to a standstill, eventually killing the beast.



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